MTS Repair : Repair & Restore Corrupted MTS Video Files

Does your MTS video file get damaged? Are you looking for MTS Repair solution? Be relax because your search ends here. Here in this article you will know the best way through which you can repair your MTS files and access them again. MTS is a video file format which is usually generated by camcorders like Sony, Canon, Samsung, JVC etc. If you have ever recorded videos using these camcorders then you never want to delete or lose them because they represent your priceless memories. But as we know all these camcorders use an external SD card to store data and due to user's mistake or some other reason these MTS video file get damaged and refuse to play.

Really it is very disturbing as well as annoying when you want to play your favorite MTS videos and it fails to play. Like any other multimedia file format MTS is also prone to corruption and loss. There are number of users whose MTS video file get damaged or corrupted and they are unknown from this thing. They will come to know about this disaster when they try to play those files and they become unplayable. In such situation MTS Repair become necessary if you really want to play your video files. Fortunately, the solution to repair MTS file is available which can help you to access your important files once again.

Some Common Error Messages Related to MTS File
What Causes MTS File to Get Corrupted Or Damaged?
How To Restore Corrupted Or Deleted MTS Files?
Top Notch Software To Restore MTS Video Files

Some Common Error Messages Related To MTS File

In some cases when MTS video file get corrupted or become damage it not only refuse to play but also throw some error message. Users are unable to understand the problem and they start doing unnecessary things instead of doing MTS Repair which may result in severe data loss too which arise the need of deleted MTS file recovery software. Following are the error message which you will get after damage of MTS file :

  • "Cannot open MTS video file"
  • "An error occurred loading .mts file"
  • "Windows did not detect a disk"
  • "Problem with .mts file: incorrect length"
  • "Disk is not formatted"

What Causes MTS File To Get Corrupted Or Damaged ?

There are number of things which result in damage or corruption of your MTS video file. Here are some common reason which causes damage or corruption of MTS video file and arise the need for MTS Repair .

  • Malware attack : Attack of malware on the device on which MTS video file is stored will corrupt the files and make them unplayable.
  • Formation of bad sector : If your MTS video file is stored on the bad sector of hard drive then it result in damage of video files.
  • Incompatible media player : Playing MTS video file in such a media player which doesn't support MTS file format also result in file corruption.
  • Interruption in transfer : Occurrence of interruption while moving your MTS video file to system can also damage the video file.
  • Changing file extension : Improperly changing the extension of MTS video file into some other file format will corrupt the file.

It doesn't mater how and in which situation your MTS video file get corrupted. The thing which mater is you can not play those video file anymore. User's who are unable to play their MTS Video file are suggested to not do unnecessary things because it will complex the situation. It should be better to avoid using your storage device and do MTS Repair.

Points To Remember

"Backup your important MTS files on other storage device".
"Always keep your antivirus updated to avoid virus".
"Stop using your camcorder when its battery is running low".

How To Restore Corrupted Or Deleted MTS Files ?

No one want to lose their favorite or memorable moment because such moment can't be recreate again. Pictures and videos are priceless treasure which everyone try to keep to relive those cherish moment again. Well, no need to frustrate if your MTS video file get corrupted or you are unable to access it due to any reason. If you are a smart user and keep backing up your important data then you can check for your video files and restore them easily. But in case there is no backup available then deleted MTS file recovery software will help you to get back your beloved videos.

Top Notch Software To Restore MTS Video Files

Data loss has become a common issue and to resolve this issue there are lots of software available in the market. Every software claim to be best and provide easy recovery solution. But here we have find out some best software for you which help you to restore your corrupted, deleted, lost MTS video safely. These software are tested on every basis and all of them are safe to use. So have a look on the software and resolve your data loss problem.

Software Ratings Speed Download
Stellar Phoenix Video Recovery 9.5/10 Good
EaseUS Video Recovery Software 7.5/10 Average
Wondershare Video Recovery 8.0/10 Slow

1.) Stellar Phoenix Video Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Video Recovery software is a scrumptious utility which allow users to restore their corrupted, deleted or lost MTS Video file. Losing your favorite video files is always frustrating and if you don't have backup then the situation become more worst. But with this software you don't have to worry about your videos because it will bring them back even from worst condition. Included with advance recovery module the software is capable to deal with almost all the data loss situation. Using this software one can retrieve their beloved MTS videos in just few steps. Apart from MTS the software is capable to recover almost all the video file format. Because of its easy user interface it can easily be handled even by an inexperience user for MTS recovery.

Key Features Of Stellar Phoenix Video Recovery

  • Easily restore corrupted, damaged and lost MTS video files
  • Supports recovery of different video as well as image file format
  • Retrieve your lost videos from almost all the storage device
  • Retrieve deleted backup files from Time Machine hard drive
  • Works with both the Mac and Windows operating system

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Decent recovery time Not find yet..
Advanced scan abilities  
Successful recovers files  

User's Review

"Thanks to its creator. Such an amazing software which recovered my every single picture which i accidentally deleted while previewing. I was very upset because those pictures are of my friends wedding and i don't want to miss them. With no backup i was very tensed but got this software which saved my day.."- Frans Phillips

"I rely on pictures because i am a professional photographer. But last night disaster happen when i was transferring my client wedding videos to my system in order to edit them. During the transfer process suddenly power cut happen after which all the videos were missing. I was shocked but this software help me to get those videos back.."- Roy Bancroft

2.) EaseUS Video Recovery Software

EaseUS Video Recovery Software is another proficient utility in our list which can be used to restore corrupted or damaged MTS video files. The very recovery software is equipped with amazing recovery features which allow users to get back their deleted, lost, corrupted, formatted MTS videos. It completely scan your storage device and bring back all your beloved videos missing from it. Data loss can happen with anyone at any point of time but if you have this software then you no need to worry anymore. The software supports recovery on different camera which use to deliver video files in MTS format. Hence, if your favorite video file has also become inaccessible and you really want them then you can go with this software.

Key Features Of EaseUS Video Recovery Software

  • Efficiently restore missing, damage or corrupted MTS videos
  • Capable of recovering data from any data loss situation
  • Deeply scan your storage device and quickly recover data
  • Simple user interface and supports all video file format
  • Allow to perform recovery on Mac as well as Windows OS

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Interface is user friendly Can't recovered some files
Simple recovery process Crashes in some occasion
Supports different file format Not scan specific folder

User's Review

"Thank you..Such a great software. I downloaded this software last month by suggestion of my friend to recover my lost wedding pictures. I have saved those pictures on my 8 GB pen drive which get corrupted due to unknown reasons. I was not sure if it work or not but it works and bring back my memories."- Jimmy Mathew

"This software is a like a life saver for me. It help me to recover plenty of images which i accidentally delete from my computer. It takes very few time to scan the whole computer and to recover the pictures. The best thing is it show me preview which saved my time."- Greek John

3) Wondershare Video Recovery Software

Wondershare Video Recovery Software is another program in this list which is capable of restoring MTS video files. Similar to other file format MTS is also prone to loss, corruption or deletion but with the help of software like this you can easily recover them. It is integrated with latest recovery and scanning algorithm which allow users to get back their deleted multimedia files even from worst data loss situation. It is designed to quickly scan the device on which data loss happen and safely recover every files without altering their original content. The simple user interface of this software make it easy to use even for a person who don't have much technical knowledge.

Key Features Of Wondershare Video Recovery Software

  • Retrieve your deleted, corrupted or lose MTS videos easily
  • Deep scan the device to make sure that you will not miss any file
  • Provide preview of the recovered data in a thumbnail image
  • Compatible with all the digital camera and memory card
  • Can be used on both the Mac and Windows computer

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Simple recovery process Become slow sometime
Good scanning speed Not support specific files
Provide data preview Occupy more space on hard disk

User's Review

"Recently my little some accidentally deleted some important videos from camera. Because i don't have any backup i was really frustrated because those video really means a lot. But i was fortunate that i got this software which help me to to get back those videos."- Tom Allan

"This weekend i come from my summer vacation trip where i clicked some amazing pictures. I stored those memories in my pen-drive. But while transferring them to my PC i accidentally remove the pen-drive and lost all data. But thanks to this software which help me to get my data."- David Chen

4) Pandora Video Recovery Software

Pandora Data Recovery Software also provide option to restore your beloved MTS video files. This is a free recovery program which is capable of restoring your deleted, lost, corrupted or missing MTS video files. It has get a positive response from user because of its data recovery service. Similar to other software which is mentioned here it also consist several features which allow users to recover their precious videos and pictures from any storage device. Because of its data recovery features it effortlessly recover data almost from any data loss scenario. So if you have missed your important MTS videos then it could be an option.

Key Features Of Pandora Video Recovery Software

  • Allows recovery MTS video & other multimedia files
  • Take less time for recovery of loss or missing data
  • Preview allow you to confirm the recovered data
  • Perform recovery on almost all the storage device
  • Easy, simple and interactive graphical user interface

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Enhanced scanning algorithm Support only Windows
Recover data from NTFS and FAT Consume more RAM
Provide photo preview Stuck on big file recovery

User's Review

"One of the best recover utility i found on Internet. Recently my memory card get corrupted due to unknown reason and all its file become inaccessible. I was upset because there was no copy available. But the software helps a lot to get back those corrupted files."- Brian Thesis

"Nice software...It make the recovery possible and easy by previewing all the deleted files. Due to this feature i can recover only those files which were necessary for me. I want to recommend it to have it in the computer"- Anne Finch

Download Pandora Video Recovery Software

Final Statement

Each software which is described here are capable to fight data loss problem. All the software are tested by expert and they contain every feature which a recovery software should have. But if still you are confused then it is recommended to go with Stellar Phoenix Video Recovery software. There are number of reason behind advising this software. It has got millions of satisfied users who got benefited from its data recovery feature. It scans your storage device deeply and quickly to give the access of your videos and pictures once again to you. Because it is read only software, you don't have to worry about any modification in your original data. Apart from MTS this software allow you to recover any type of multimedia file format from different storage device. It is 100% safe and makes the recovery an easy task for you.

User Guide For Stellar Phoenix Video Recovery

For Windows

  • Step 1: Launch software on your system & Click on "Recover Photo, Audio & Video"
  • Step 2: Now, choose the desired storage media or hard drive
  • Step 3: By going in Advance settings, you can select specific format. Click on Scan now
  • Step 4: You can see the scanning process in this Window
  • Step 5: All the recovered files will be listed, provide location to store them.

For Mac

  • Step 1: Launch software on Mac. Then click on "Recover Photo, Audio & Video"
  • Step 2: You will see all your storage media here. Select one and click on Scan now
  • Step 3: It start scanning your storage device and you can see progress report
  • Step 4: Once scan get complete, select the desired files and store them on desired location