AVCHD MTS File Extension!

MTS as stands for MPEG Transport Stream and is known to be associated with video format AVCHD. Encoding of MTS file is done using MPEG4 CODEC and is able to be saved on storage media such as CD, DVD, blu-ray disc, etc. MTS file format has been introduced by the joint contribution of Sony and Panasonic in 2006. It is Panasonic who released he very first AVCHD camcorder in 2008 and then Sony released his own in 2010. MTS files are regarded as high defined digital video file format comprising efficient codecs configuration in order to record 1080i and 720p resolution.

Since MTS files terms to be new video file format so video editing to be done in mts video in order to create or compress the mts file requires specific application. Programs those are developed to manage or process the mts files feature acquisition and conversion ability. Featuring stereoscopic video quality whereas concerning the audio file compression it supports Dolby AC-3 as well as linear PCM uncompressed audio format.

The designing of MTS file format is done so as to make it compatible with blu-ray disc. MTS files can also be shared connecting the camcorders to the USB port connection of the computer and files are easily transferred to the computer.

MTS files are also possible to stored on SDHC cards and can be played on various blu-ray disc player, TV set as well as other media console. AVCHD camcorders are features the audio file recording using Dolby Digital compression method, supporting multichannel as well as stereo audio formats. Added features those are included with the MTS file format is the ability to bring improvement in presentation media using subtitle, slide show as well as menu navigation.

How to open MTS file:-

MTS file is compatible with few operating system and can be played using specific applications. Ofr example on MAC OS X, user can play MTS video using Apple Final Cut studio, VLC media player, Roxio Toast 11, Adobe Flash CS5, etc whereas on Windows, applications like Sony vegas Pro 10, Windows media player, Corel Video Studio Pro X4, etc can be used. Further Linux user can use VLC media player to play MTS file.